Monday, 27 February 2012

Contemporary Whisky bottles

Johnnie Walker x Chris Martin 'Johnnie Walker House' Porcelain Bottles

By Lu Yawen, June 23, 2011

Newly launched is the Johnnie Walker House in Shanghai, China. A joint project by the whisky label and Singapore-based, Asylum, the House is a luxuriously designed walk-through of the history of whisky that aims to enlighten the elite in China. Details such as the peat and barley walls, 24 degrees angle and colour of the oak floors, are all inspired from the process of making a good glass of whisky. 
The House also features seven white porcelain whisky bottles that, when put together, form the story of whisky's introduction to China. Done by illustrator, Chris Martin, the bottles are reminiscent of China porcelain bowls. 
An exclusive whisky was also created by Dr. Jim Beveridge, called The 1910 Edition, and is only available at the Johnnie Walker House. 
Source: Creative Review

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