Monday, 7 May 2012

Ana-Marie Email - Ted Baker

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for getting in touch, very sweet of you!

Yes you are more than welcome to feature the work in your research but i just wanted to hi-light that you
will have to mention the company i was working for at the time when i worked on the Ted Baker project which is Jam Design.

-Where did you get your inspiration for the Ted Baker project?*

-What was the concept behind the hanging baskets?*

At the time i was working in a creative team of 7 but 2 of us were given the creative freedom to create what we
wanted as long as it was an abstract take on your modern day hanging basket.

Our main form of inspiration if i remember correctly was looking at the wonderful life stages of butterfly's. We were very much inspired by the cocoon stage which is why we created hanging pods for the Ted Baker project.   

-How did working with Ted Baker differ to working on personal projects?*

-What skills, knowledge or coverage did you gain from working with such a 
well known brand as Ted Baker?*

There is a big difference for me as I find it more challenging to work on personal projects.
Self discovery and  understanding your own individual style will forever be something that I find more rewarding.

Working with Ted Baker was really great as it was one of the first projects I was involved in after i finished university. In fact i remember thinking it was a huge deal at the time. It shaped me quite a lot as i discovered a love
for materials, which is something that i was always interested in but this gave us a platform which sometimes seems so out of reach.

I personally didn't get coverage but Jam Design the company which i worked for at the time did.

I hope the above helps and please let me know if you need any thing else.

Good luck with everything otherwise.

Love the work also!

Many Thanks


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