Tuesday, 29 May 2012

DESIGN CONTEXT finished publications

My design context is split into 5 seperate lookbook style publications, each one based on a different fashion brand. The brands that I have chosen are Levi's, Ted Baker, Topshop, Nike & .... I have chosen these brands to show a range of fashion labels, showing the designers and creatives that are part of building their brand. Investigation stationary, packaging, store experience, lookbook publications, web and campaigns. This has been an ongoing investigation and has helped me understand how to design for different brands.


The Levi's lookbook was designed to look like a newspaper, A3 format on newsprint stock, double sided with a red stitch to match the Levi's stitch. I used a newsprint style to reflect the Levi's heritage and show the traditional values of the brand.


The Topshop publication was based on a contemporary design with an A5 publication of images and a smaller A6 publication that intertwines through the book with informattion relating to each page.




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