Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Brief 4 - Crossover -EVALUATION

Me and Jonny have been wanting to work together for a while now as we both share similar tastes in design as well as having similar practices. Our skill sets were similar but Jonny's ability to create a professional finished product with my strengths in concepts and branding worked together really well.

We found that we both had a go at everything and it wasn't really a matter of splitting up the jobs as we worked on everything together. We had regular meetings and schedueled time in for our project as well as booking in workshop sessions etc. We stuck to our plan really well and managed to produce a strong look very early on in the project as we wanted to submit it for the Yearbook... it definately gave us the push we needed to start the project and be pretty ruthless with our decisions. Me and Jonny worked so well together, it was great to bounce ideas off of each other as we both thought and could picture the project in similar ways.

Deciding what the event should be was probably the hardest part... starting with nothing we through some names / words back and forth before coming up with 'Crossover' we then took this forward and thought how this could relate to the festival and came up with the idea of 'Crossover' resembling Collaborations. Just like mine and Jonny's. The event was based on a mix of 20 creatives from all different aspects of creative disciplines forming 10 creative collaboration where they had the ability to cross their talent to produce new and exciting work.

Everything we created for this brief we took the word 'Crossover' in mind, whether it was the layout, format, how the exhibition space was branded etc was thought about in great detail. To keep the concept strong. Making up our own spot colour helped to secure it's own very memorable look and creating a logo that can be used in a variety of ways meant that the promotion doesn't all look the same. There is something engaging about each piece.

Again like my other briefs we used the workshops and facility A LOT, using a spot colour meant that everything had to be screenprinted then we used laser cutting etc to add another element to the brand.

The feedback we have got from students, tutors and whilst on studio visits has been amazing, it's so nice to think our hardwork has paid off and we feel so proud of our work. We have had comments such as 'The best brief all yr', 'One of our favourite projects', 'Really hit the nail on the head', 'So cool!' from students and studios, I can't wait to get it up onto my website :D.

I hope in a few years time when we're both settled in a job that we could actually get funding and make this festival happening because I think it's such a great idea and visually stands out from any other branding I've seen.

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