Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Brief 3- The Story Of Now -EVALUATION

I chose to do a Fashion retail brief to contrast with Brief 2 - Lauren Carande Fashion Design as it would show my versatile nature when being able to tackle projects for similar sectors but different brands and audience's. This brief was based more on creating a fully branded experience with interactive elements, creating a really visually strong brand that could communicate the philosophy of the store to it's consumer's.

Thinking about my work and how I like to create stories for brands I used the name 'The Story of Now' which relates to us creating our own stories within our lives, what are we doing with them? The brand captures the essence of travel and adventure in a cool, contemporary manner and encourages cultured individuals 16-40's city goers to travel and see what the world has to offer them through interactive promotional aspects such as the swap shop, app etc. Based on the idea of the Urban Traveller who likes to take in culture from different cities throughout the world the store itself takes on the format of a Pop-up store and will travel and create it's on story too.. it appears cultured just like the image it is trying to sell.

I'm really pleased with this brief as I think the concept and branding is really strong and I really like the creative packaging and promotion throughout that has allowed me to continue and strengthen the brand. I really enjoyed working with different ranges and showing how the brand could change as well as looking into all aspects of promotion. I feel that I explored colour/ stock and format well as well as attention to the details such as threads, buttons, clasps, tags etc. It adds a quality and a personality to the brand.

This brief really allowed me to get hands on with making, using a lot of facillities and workshops such as screenprinting, lasercutting, foiling, vinyl cutters etc. Which I had wanted to do in this module, when showing my portfolio it was these hands on details that studios loved about my work.

I wasn't able to re-print the rolled out Lookbook as the digital printing facility was exceptionally busy but I think it communicates the idea well enough.

Unfortunately I don't think the boards to the project justice, as the project is so large and is split into sections it was difficult to photograph the work all together. Also I was quite rushed for time in the end but would have liked to have taken the store experience further... ALTHOUGH this is hopefully what I will be doing as my End Of Year Show to create the Pop-Up shop so I have shown the mock up for this. I'm looking forward to taking the project further and creating the full range of t-shirts as well as the fixtures etc. After seeing how the Fashion students have set up their show I know how to make it more graphic design based and not to trail off into some Fashion brief.

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