Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Looking back at the module I can confidently say I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, unlike other modules where I had a negative outlook on my skills and future this module has really made me into the confident designer I am today. Within this module my confidence and enjoyment has grown as I have started to understand where I fit in to the creative industry and what it is I have to offer. This has definitely improved through studio visits, portfolio surgeries and interviews, things that at the start of the module I would have had no confidence to do at all. I am know very proud of the work I am creating and can see how much I have developed not just physical skills but my knowledge and understanding developed through thorough research and investigation into branding. It took some low points in the last module that really made me question myself and my place on this course to make me realise how much I enjoy it and why I am here. So the beginning of this module got off to quite a slow start due to this.

This module has been one of the most rewarding for me, I have gained 2 x 2 months paid work placements with Love – Manchester, Thompson Brand Partners, 2 weeks at Vast and Winning the Sh! Awards and a 6 month paid placement. It has really given me great confidence and the ability to see beyond this course and into my future. This has helped when selecting briefs as I know what I want in my portfolio, a strong branding portfolio fully covering all creative and interactive promotion and experience. Creating an ‘Experience’ for a brand has become the key to my work, story telling through graphic outlooks to communicate the philosophy of the brand to the consumer. I love looking at the detail in promotion, how consumers can engage with the brand and what it can offer them. This was picked up on in my portfolio when approaching companies and is a unique skill a have to offer. I found that I love working with ideas, campaigns and concepts anything thought provoking and highly creative that can break the boundries of the the standard promotion I want to be part of.

Within this module I have made full use of all the facilities in college which was part of my SOI, this wasn’t necessarily intentionally but was a way of creating professional pieces of design which I felt was lacking in my portfolio. Screenprinting, lasercutting, digital print and woodwork have all helped me explore promotion further and has meant my projects weren’t limited to printed media. I loved getting stuck into these workshops as they are so rewarding to see the finished design.

Working with Lauren Carande – Brief 2 Fashion Branding meant that I was in contact with printers, stockists etc which was a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge on printing for large scale work which has put me in good stead for future work. It was really rewarding to see my branding designs on such an amazing collection of clothing, I feel privileged to have worked with Lauren as we have had a great working relationship.

Working with Jonny on the Crossover brief was excellent and definitely the best brief throughout my time here on the course. We worked exceptionally well together sharing all the work load and this resulted in a fully branded project covering all aspects.
The Waterstones brief was quite disappointing as I ran out of time to expand this futher but my pitch won the 2 month paid placement so it was definitely worth doing and documented my ideas well.

I have also fully branded myself as a designer and got my work out into the creative industry through my own website, Behance site, portfolio and contacting companies. Something I would have previously found extremely daunting but now love showing my work to people.   

I feel that my documentation through blogging has let me down within this module as I got so into the projects that I ran away with the production and lost track of my blogging. Apart from this my time management has improved a lot as I had placements and studio visits to fit in so I had to be very strict with my organisation which has paid off.

Although the last three years on this course has developed my skills and understanding it is this last module that has really shaped me and allowed me to create my own individual practice. I feel prepared and excited to step out into industry with a thoroughly creative portfolio, great advice from tutors, peers and designers and a positive outlook on my future.

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