Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Brief 1 - The Angels Share EVALUATION

I first chose this brief as I really wanted to explore packaging further and thought as my other briefs were more fashion orientated it would be a good opportunity to expand my portfolio by including packaging for food / drink.

This brief proved to be abit of an unusual one, I found it difficult to get the right balance between contemporary and to suit a female audience. Some of my first concepts I liked best, The XXperiment I feel would have worked very well but crit feedback said that it appeared to masculine and wouldn't attract the female audience so I found myself working through different concepts and packaging ideas.

I hadn't hit the nail on the head yet so I decided to take a step back, unfortunately not submitting the piece for D&AD due to an extension on my dissertation and a radical change in ideas. After further research i found 'The Angels Share' - this is a whisky term for the 2 % of whisky that gets evaporated from the barrels every year and is said to be taking by the angels. I really liked this concept as it gave Whisky a softer look and felt that it would attract a female audience aslong as I got the brand & packaging right as I didn't want to cross into the realms of an 'alcopop' !

I'm really happy with the overall appearence and consistency to the branding, I think the concept has been designed to a professional standard with a strong story told well throughout all promotion. Although I found myself falling into the old whisky style packaging I feel I have given it a contemporary edge whilst still staying true to the Whisky history.

After working on the packaging I found all of the stationary ideas fall into place and by extending the project out in this way it really helped to strengthen and secure the look and feel of the brand. I like the warmth and sophisticated edge it has to the brand whilst it's name will attract the female Whisky drinker very well.

I really wanted to create an interactive quality to the packaging, after naming the brand 'The Angels Share' I wanted to continue the idea of sharing the drink with friends in a social manner, so the drink became socially acceptable and you are more likely to try things if your friends are too. The 3 way packaging throughout the bottles, minatures, tickets and menu's makes the consumer 'Share' and spread the word of whisky.

Overall I'm happy with this brief, although I felt it was alot more hands on crafting and making than computer designs so I feel the documentation does not reflect the brief that well. I have come to learn throughout the brief that I am more interested in the story of the brand and the creative promotion to tell the philosophy of the brand than just packaging ideas.

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