Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Planarama email- Ted Baker

From: Stephanie Oglesby [] 
Sent: 09 May 2012 22:36
To: Isobel Lees

Hi there Neil,

Here are the interview questions for my research publication, they are mainly based on your work with Ted Baker but please add any additional info where you see necessary. Thankyou!


Your designs for window displays work as the first point of contact with a customer, what key elements do you try to create in these spaces?
To create impact to get attention of customers. To be true to brand identity.

Compared with other brands what are the positive and negatives of working with Ted Baker?
(negatives- ie/ challenges, not negatives of the brand itself)

Ted Baker is a fun brand to work with, allowing lots of creative thinking and humour.
Challenges are launching and delivering the scheme at the same time around the world.

When designing displays for Ted Baker do you work closely with the brand to create the concept or is this down to Planarama to come up with the concept?

Which concept was the most interesting to work with and why?

All concepts present their own interest so all are interesting in their own way.

Which concept do you think was the most successful and why?

They are all successful.

What is the process you go through when designing for Ted Baker?

Compared with other brands, what is it that stands out to you about Ted Bakers promotional work?

Ted has managed to develop their own style and branding which is instantly recognisable by customers

Your work for Ted Baker is extremely creative and broad in the range of concepts, are there any rules/ guidelines that you need to work with when creating ideas?


How important is it to be knowledgeable of other brands and the promotional concepts they are/ or have used?

It is always important to understand other brands

From initial concept to finalised design on average how long does it take to create a display for Ted Baker?

If you could also add a little information about the team at Planarama, what makes you guys tick?

It is important to have a team that gets on with one another and enjoys going to work each day.

Where does Planarama find it's inspiration?

Travel, research, galleries and street culture

Any advice you could give for working with brands such as Ted Baker as a new creative stepping out into industry?

Work hard and follow your dreams.

Thankyou so much for your input, I really appreciate it and I'm looking looking forward to your reply.
Answer as many questions as possible or where you see necessary,
I'll send you a finished copy of the publication when it's done.

Hope you're all well at Planarama, keep up the good work :),


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