Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Brief 2- Lauren Carande - EVALUATION

I chose to work on a live brief for an emerging Fashion designer 'Lauren Carande' as I thought it would be a great opportunity to get some freelance work under my belt. To work to strict timetables as I can be poor at time management when I am setting my own deadlines. Also it gave me a great opportunity to work for the Fashion Sector which is part of my rationale and to have my designs representing a brilliant Fashion collection and young designer. I took on all of the branding, packaging and promotion but gave the Lookbook element to Dutch as at the time I felt I wouldn't be able to execute it as well as other people in the group could yet now I wish I had given it a go because I have improved a lot and think now I could have tackled it.

This project has been excellent, I have learnt so much as I have had to work closely with Lauren trying to reflect her Electro Static collection through branding, packaging and promotion. I really enjoyed being inspired by the clothing and feel that I represented her look very well. I'm not usually very good when working with colour but it was great to take colours from Lauren's collection and continue with these into the branding it proved to create a really strong look which definately reflected the clothing. I loved the small details in the shape of Lauren's work such as the collar, pockets and zips which I took forward into the design.

I was a little worried about the 'Ethical' element to this brief as I have never looked into ethical ways of printing or paper stock etc. But it was a good opportunity to see what was on offer and what price we could afford. After looking at the recycled paper back samples we agreed it would be way to expensive just on shipping more than anything so decided to go for the GFSmith carbon neutral Colourplan papers, although they didn't have an obvious recycled feel to them we were assured by printers that they were made with our carbon footprint in mind :) and the bright white stock worked much better with her branding and overall look.

This brief has definately been a big eye-opener into creating specs for print jobs, working with budgets and contacting printers. I have made great contacts with Ian from IST printers and will continue sending prints to him after this module as I am really pleased with the standard of professionalism, AN EXCELLENT QUOTE, and great contact! Having to invoice Lauren and work with dates etc has really improved my time management and organisation and I would feel confident to approach another Freelance project when I leave uni.

I extended this project further into a bag packaging, invites, full stationary and receipt card and although Lauren didn't ask for this I carried on working with her to get her feedback on the other elements so that it was a full working brief.

It's great to hear such positive feedback from Lauren, she's been overjoyed with the work I have done for her and my positive, 'organised' (WOW) attitude to this brief. I found working for a client so much more fulfilling as I'm stronger when working with a given brief than writing my own and the client / designer relationship is something that I really enjoy! Also it's been a great chance to get my work out there as she has added a link to my website / email etc to her website aswell as End of Yr Show space which will be really good to showcase my work to other creatives for work in the culture / fashion industry.

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