Friday, 30 March 2012

Interim Evaluation

The final major project has really given me the opportunity to fully explore my interests within design and focus on what interests me... I'm really enjoying it so far! I have a really good mix of briefs that allow me to push ideas forward and they are all expanding in different directions. I'm really looking forward to having some professional pieces for my portfolio.


Brief 1- Should have been finished but with problems with dissertation and my extension I was unable to dedicated enough time to finish it.. plus I wasn't happy with the idea. Through Easter I plan to focus the idea, pacaging and branding ideas to go into production on my return to uni.

Brief 2- Working on a live brief with Lauren has been excellent, we've created a great relationship and it's really helped me to become more professional, contacting printers, sourcing materials and working with budgets. This project needs to be extended further into promotion through easter to make it a substantial brief.

Brief 3- This brief keeps expanding, its going really well I have a really strong idea and visual for the brand... this will be the brief I will fully exploit as I take it from the printed promotion to the interaction and experience.... this will be done once all briefs are completed!

Brief 4- Collaboration is really taking off with Jonny, we have a strong visual concept which we are taking into production through easter and making the publication and posters.

Brief 5- Keeps changing as I am trying to find what is missing in my portfolio.. this needs to be addressed through easter and start a brief. I want it to be more of a campaign brief as it will introduce another skill.

Brief 6- Research Publication, interview more throughout easter to design on return.


I wish to take on more primary research through easter this will be through studio visits, visiting cities, galleries, book shops and shops. Collecting lookbooks and promotional materials.

Secondary research has been an excellent way to keep upto date with whats going on, see a huge variation of styles and ideas. It's definately pushed my designs further.


This has been quite poor upto now... I need to make sure my blog is upto date over easter as it will make things easier for when i get back.


A lot better than usual, making day to day plans, booking lots of print/ laser cut sessions and meetings and schedualising in visits, deadlines etc. I still have a long way to go and timetables need to be tighter but on the whole i am feeling a lot happier.

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