Saturday, 31 March 2012

Student Spotlight: Timberland’s® Earthkeepers Shoebox


We were assigned to redesign and create a sustainable shoebox for an existing company and/or shoe, and I chose Timberland’s® Earthkeepers™ brand.
"I first redesigned the logo to look more organic to better represent the earth friendly footwear. I then created and designed a shoebox that folds flat and compacts for easy storage and reusability, encouraging the consumer to reuse the box for other purposes. This shoebox uses 100% recyclable materials and sustainable adhesives. I also included a biodegradable handle to reduce the use of bags. The handle also acts as a latching system, so when carried the product does not fall out. The tags included on the shoe are to better explain the reusability of the box, as well as Timberland’s® beliefs."

  Designed by Katelyn Peissig a senior at University of Wisconsin-Stout.
Shoebox photo2
Shoebox photo3
Shoebox photo4
Shoebox photo5
Shoebox photo6
Shoebox photo7
Shoebox photo9
Shoebox photo8

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