Thursday, 29 March 2012


So I tried to plan today out as thorough as possible and it's worked pretty well. Wake up at 5am and finish my dc presentation! laser cutting 9-12 had a few problems with the programme crashing which took a lot of time! but managed to get the crossover stuff done as well as a coathanger and lookbook front for the Story Of Now Brief. Spent a lot of time in screenprint testing and finally printing the neon onto different paper samples to see how it would come out.... it doesn't work well as a block colour on the grey so we've decided to just go with the full grey page and the neon pattern printed onto with cut out to see the salmon through.... I'll document this a little better with a picture! Anyway after that I had my design context presentation that went really well and also digitally printing lots of project work for the hand in tomorrow!

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