Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Collecting Content

Me and Jonny spent a full day organising the content for the festival. We wanted to show how it could be a real event so tried to design everything and organiser all aspects.

We want 10 collaborations formed from a mix of 20 creatives covering all disciplines. Using Behance we searched for different creatives covering all aspects from sculpture to digital art, product design, photography etc. All of the creatives chosen were from Europe as it is a European festival so we also chose artists to reflect a variation of all areas throughout Europe.

We have been using DROP BOX to share our designs and research. It's been a great way to work on the project while were not at uni.

Along with the artists we collected numerous images from each artist to use.

Here is our final list:

Adrien Coroller — Auxonne, France — Sculpture

Alberto Seveso — Portoscuso, Italy — Digital Art

Atelier Olschinsky — Vienna, Austria — Illustration/Typography
Christopher Jonassen — Stavanger, Norway — Photography
DUA Studio — Frankfurt, Germany — Product Design
Hekki Leis — Tallin, Estonia — Art Direction
Illa Guilla Persson — Gothenberg, Sweden — Photography
Kattaca — Madrid, Spain — Fashion
Le Creative Sweatshop — Paris, France — Art Direction
Levi Van Veluw — Arnhem, Netherlands — Sculpture
Lolo & Sosaku — Bilbao, Spain — Audiovisual
Matthias Heiderich — Berlin, Germany — Photography
Navier Romain — Nantes, France — Motion Graphics
Neon Workshop — Wakefield, UK — Industrial Design
Raw Color — Eindhoven, Netherlands — Graphic Design
Rusian Khasanov — St. Petersburg, Russia — Typography
Svilen Gamalov — Varna, Bulgaria — Furniture
Valistika Studio — Barcelona, Spain — Illustration
Zim & Zou — Nancy, France — Craft
Zoran Sunjic — Industrial Design — Split, Croatia

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