Monday, 9 April 2012

Creative: Acne Jeans Packaging

Swedish label Acne Jeans puts as much effort into packaging as the products they offer. The studio, the creative process and the products themselves are all sources of inspiration to the packaging and communication of Acne Jeans. Some packaging items even share the same buttons, laces or textiles with the clothes they are supposed to carry.
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acne-jeans-2009-packaging-creative-1 acne-jeans-2009-packaging-creative-2
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Acne gift boxes and carriers
A group of boxes and bags which combines the generic expression of a creative studio with details from Acne's garments.

Gift boxes with black prints and partial UV-varnish, sealed with white textile ribbons and copper foil stickers resembling the look of Acne's jeans buttons. Black silk papers with white screen-printed paint dots. Brown paper bag with black handles affixed with Acne's own jeans rivets. Black plastic bag, sealed with a button from Acne's own leather jackets. White plastic bag with new prints every month, influenced by what ever hangs on the walls of the creative studio. (In this case, Paul Renner's Futura typeface from 1927.)
Art directed and executed with Jonas Jansson in collaboration with Jonny Johansson.


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