Friday, 6 April 2012

Collections within the Brand

After looking at brands such as GAP, ZARA, H&M, URBAN OUTFITTERS. It has become clear that the seperate collections/ ranges that are based on the style of clothing such as:


I'd like to show this range within the brand come up with seperate smaller brands including tag/ lookbook/ bag etc. to show how the brand would change but keep similar elements. Here are my initial ideas.

The normal logo would be used for the casual/ basics collection including the socks and t-shirt prints/ denim etc.

Lost & Found will be a vintage thrift section where people can exchange clothes (Foreign Exchange) on their travels.

The more prestiges section (Special edition polo t-shirts/ chino's etc) will come under Passport or Bureau and would be branded with a passport style stamp. Gold foils etc.

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