Monday, 23 April 2012

Contacting IST Printers

After quite a shocking quote from Team, me and Lauren had to have a good think about how we could cut costs and decided to just print on the reverse instead of duplexed papers with 2 foils. I got in touch with IST printing as they specialise in foil blocking and embossing etc to see if they could offer a better service. They were excellent, got back to me straight away with a great price which incorporated everything Lauren was wanting originally... he advised me to go for the duplex with both foiling as the black printed on the back doesn't dry very well, can smudge and doesn't look that good. Excellent news!

Spec: 100 cards on 540gsm Ebony/Pristine colorplan. Foiled white to black and gloss black to white
= All meet Lauren's budgeted price

I specified that we wanted to used recycled stocks and he assured me that the colourplan was FSC accredited and 100% ECF virgin fibre on the ebony and pristine colourplan.

Just have a few tweaks to make to contact info that has recently changed then i'm going to get Lauren to check it and sign it off before sending it to print. They have included file info that I need to send the design as.


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