Monday, 23 April 2012

Whisky continued

Going back to the Whisky brief, I had to pu this project on the back-burner for abit whilst me and jonny got our X/O project going and I finished my SOM brief. I think I was struggling with where to take it to be honest... I really liked the Angel's Share but had come up with the mountain packaging that opens interestingly so I was abit stuck where to go with it... I'm not very image based so although i had come up with the mountain packaging I didn't no where to start with the image application. 

I've since then had more ideas for the Angels Share... after seeing Love's- Jhonnie Walker house beautiful white whisky bottles its really made me realise I can do whatever I like with the packaging it doesn't have to conform with the traditional whisky format.

These are my designs for The Angels Share

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