Saturday, 28 April 2012

Crossover Mini Booklet

As Jonny worked on the main publication taking on my ideas for the layout further I worked on the smaller inner information booklet.

This would include:

-Event list for 1 week
-Contact details / directions etc.

We decided to use the salmon stock for this booklet so it wouldn't be discarded as a standard book.
This mini book can be removed from the main publication so that it can be carried around so that you always know whats going on throughout the week.

I created an event for each night using the idea of collaborations and the artists involved I created an idea for an event / workshop or talk each day of the festival to show how it would work.

I designed the map of the area around Cornerhouse taking out design elements into consideration the two crossroads circled with an 'O' where the exhibition took place to continue the X / O logo. I used a google maps to base my map on.

We used a hotdog format on A3 paper that folded down to A6 so that it would fit nicely into the publication but could be read like a book and viewed the map fully.

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