Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Luigi Benozzi - Pharmaceutical packaging and patient safety

Every year 900.000 people in British hospitals are affected
by errors with their medication, and 1.200 will die as a result.
It is estimated that one third of these errors are caused
by confusion over packaging and labeling.
This project has been developed in order to prevent medication
errors over medicine packaging and labeling: each trade name
has been identified by an universal color coding system.

Instructions for use booklet

Packaging system | 01
Each letter of the trade name is associated
to a color from a specific palette, so to compose
a color-coded-trade-name.

Packaging system | 02
In this second project consonants are represented
by squares while vowels by circles, so to underline
the elements of differentiations.
Moreover, the strength is visualized by a series
of circles at the bottom of the packaging.

Packaging system | 03
In this third project colors are applied to a figure
composed of various semi concentric circles,
so to form a shape that grows depending on
the length of the medicine trade name.
The strength is visualized by a series of three
size circles.

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