Thursday, 5 April 2012

Link 10: Decode or Die

  • Link, Idee per la televisione (ideas for television) is a periodical magazine about culture and tv published by Mediaset-RTI. Every issue covers a different theme in its cover story while investigating other issues in the other sections. The first one, “product”, is about contents, tv programs, the ideas. The second, “industry”, deals with economical, technological and market issues of television. In the third, “sights”, the subject widens providing insights on other medias and sectors influenced by television.

    DensityDesign + Link
    DensityDesign collaborated with Link on its tenth issue, titled “Decode or die. L’infografica applicata alla tv” (“Decode or die. Infographics applied to television”).
    The collaboration has been a great chance for DensityDesign to experiment much more than usual with some visualization technique while developing a series of scripts for streamlining the creation of the visualizations. In fact the collaboration started with a very open minded approach and Link granted DensityDesign an incredible amount of freedom – such a rare feature in the publishing world – on designing the visualizations.

    Full gallery here.


    Visualizations Developed by
    DensityDesign Research Lab

    Project Leader Donato Ricci
    Main researcher Michele Mauri
    Team Luca Masud, Mauro Napoli, Giorgio Caviglia, Mario Porpora

    Senior Editor Marco Paolini
    Editor in Chief Fabio Guarnaccia
    Art Director Marco Cendron
    Graphic Design Pomo

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