Monday, 9 April 2012

Ro and Co- Invites

  • Every year RoAndCo sends out a Christmas gift to special clients, friends and collaborators. Having recently moved into a new studio space, we wanted to tie in our 2011 Christmas gift with our office warming party. Based on the theme of RoAndCordials, we collaborated with Morris Kitchen who provided us with beautifully bottled and equally delicious Ginger Syrup. We printed the bottle labels in the style of traditional medicine/cordial bottles, including Ginger Syrup cocktail recipes and Happy Holiday messages in the text.

    In honor of our new White Street office and the festive season, we decided on a White theme for our party - and nestled the bottles on white shredded paper in a white cardboard box. The party invites were letterpressed in the same style as the bottle labels, and placed on top of the bottles. To remind our guests to wear white, we stamped this message onto small white squares of fabric and placed on top of the invite. For a final touch, we printed addressable stickers that wrapped around the box, mimicking the invite and bottle label.

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