Friday, 20 January 2012

BRIEF 2- Lauren Carande

Lauren has been in touch and emailed me a brief for us to have a look at start generating some ideas for a meeting with her thursday 26th Jan at 3.30pm. For this meeting I would like to have a few ideas, type, stocks, colour to get a good idea of where we see this heading.

Brief Title – Branding for Lauren Carande

Environmentally responsible luxury women’s tailoring with an emphasis on minimalist structure.
I am heading into a multifunctional area so I think it would be interesting for my branding to have this influence. However, there is an organic feel coming from artichokes and looking at layers so this might be something to use. Obviously, it needs to be minimal and be as responsible/sustainable as possible.
My ideal customer is ages 25-35 who has an interest in the environment as well as being fashionable.

This branding will be based on my current collection but also something I can take forward to start up my label/brand.

1. Branding/Font/Logo -
Look at competition’s branding (Stella McCartney and Acne). I will provide you with some branding I like and feel would work for my brand.
My brand name is Lauren Carande and the name of the collection is Electrostatic.

The deadline for this is 27th of February.

2. Swing-tags/Clothes/Labels -
Look at transforming labels and having as much information about fabrics on the tags. I would like a design for the back neck labels keeping it simple perhaps just with my logo.

The deadline for this is 19th of March.

3. Lookbook -
I would like a clean minimal lookbook but with some interesting transforming or layered aspect. I will provide you with lookbook ideas I like. The photoshoot is taking place on the 26th of April.

The deadline for this is the 7th of May.

Sample work of Lauren Carande: 
colours, cut, textures, shape

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