Thursday, 19 January 2012

Rock Arsenal T Shirts

Admit it, you would enjoy the idea of breaking a beer bottle to get to a T-shirt. Breaking out of the norm is quite an accurate description of this design from Ann Leushina, Moscow. We love the format she's presenting these t-shirts, as well as her illustrative style for the label. Check out the un-smashed bottles after the jump! 
"Rock Arsenal is leading Russian shop for undergrounds. Besides musical instruments, jewelry and records it sells t-shirts of all kinds. The aim was to invent a new aesthetic and transfer in to firm logo and package.
 T-shirts for real rockers are sold in beer bottles that must be broken to be open. As main beer sorts and music styles, shirts are divided by three types - soft, classic and dark. "
Designed by Ann Leushina, Moscow. 

I would really like to be more playful with concepts like this one, thinking outside of the box and standard packaging. More interactive concepts that rely on a level of engagement by the consumer.

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