Saturday, 21 January 2012



Analysis — Playtime is a blog and fanzine for movie lovers, created by the Videodromo independent video store and movie theater. Videodromo is a non-corporate video club that distinguishes itself among their competition by offering a wide selection of films, as well as cult cinema and independent movies. They also hire staff that shares a passion for films with their customers. We wanted to highlight Videodromo´s unique personality and to transmit this passion and knowledge of the art of cinema in the design for Playtime.
Concept — Playtime is an independent publication about film and the related arts.
Identity — Graphic elements are clean and simple, and they allow the content of the blog and the printed publication to be the protagonist.
Action — Branding, printed material design and web.

Colour is an element of my design work I'd like to explore in my last module as I've never been that good at experimenting with them, I just usually go for the most obvious. I really like the contrast of colours here between the orangey-red impact colour and the more muted grey/ green. I also would like to explore creating illustrative typefaces, the type above world well to convey a fun, playful theme.

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