Thursday, 19 January 2012


I'm pleased with the grade I got for the last module, although I was so close getting a 1st its really frustrating to see as I know I could have done it a lot better if I hadn't had let my nerves get the better of me! I need to plan this into my action plan... sounds strange I know, but it will happen again at some point especially with dissertation at the moment I can tell I may get off to a shaky start with FMP.

Fred said that a lot of my issues could have been resolved by focusing and making firm decisions at the start of the module, clear informed pathways with my briefs through research before choosing to go ahead with certain ones.... I need to make it clear what I will get out of each brief, what I'm focusing on whether interaction, stocks and print processes... etc.

I was worried about selecting briefs that are too similar i.e./ all fashion and retail branding... but this is of course the focus of my design practice, each brand will bring with it explorations into different pathways, formats, concepts etc which will make each project very different.

I need to make it clear that I want to work on briefs from trendy high st to luxurious brands and cultured/ cool fashion / food labels.

FMP is my last chance to prove myself as a designer before heading into the industry and I need to make sure my briefs will fill the gaps in my portfolio

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