Thursday, 19 January 2012

Fashion Students Collaboration

Gemma Byrne organised a meeting with the Fashion Students this lunchtime to collaborate with them. This was a great opportunity for me to take on a live brief in the area of my design practice. I showed my portfolio with highlighted my engagement and interests with fashion and retail branding and proved gave them an idea of how I work and my versatility to produce work for numerous styles of brands.
I spoke with Lauren Carande a 3rd yr Fashion student about what she wanted from a collaboration which was branding, logo, swing tags / clothing labels, font and Lookbook, this would be great to undertake for one of my briefs for FMP especially after speaking with her more in depth about her work she was really interested in the way things opened and how we could engage and interactive with the branding elements. This is excellent as in my progress surgery with Fred this morning this is exactly the sort of thing we were looking at, incorporating an experimental project with my rationale... the fact that I can explore these interacted methods within the area of Fashion branding is perfect.

Lauren spoke of her work reflecting organic natural shapes, neutral colours with a vibrant burst and she really liked simplistic clean, light type. After looking at her portfolio I really loved the range of clothes she is producing and would love to brand her as a fashion designer.

Lauren also mentioned the Fashion show and how the committee is looking for designers to create the tickets, book, promo posters etc. This is another project which I'd like to look into as it would be a great piece for my portfolio but I wonder whether this would be better to take on board than the yearbooks.

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